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6 Food Packaging Trends for 2016

Are your packaging methods and designs keeping up with the times? According to a study by global marketing and research company Mintel Group as cited in a Food Business News article, here are six trends that could (and should) influence your packaging strategies for 2016. Digital printing In 2016, we’ll see more digitally printed packaging on […]

It’s All in the Label: Counterfeit Wine and Its Telltale Signs

Is that high-dollar 1922 bottle of chardonnay on your table really the wine you paid for? The wine counterfeiting business is ubiquitous; it’s thriving and making it difficult to determine the authenticity of your purchase. Wine collectors in the U.S., China, and other foreign markets are falling victim to counterfeiting, boosting the profits of this […]

Subscription Services Spark Success

You’ve probably seen television ads that show someone opening a box of goodies that came in the mail and realized from the ad that it’s a surprise package of goodies that comes every month. How cool is that?! Well, the coolest part about it is that most of these goodies are samples that you get […]

The Long and Winding Road Leads from Producer to Consumer

The grocery and eating habits of families have been changing drastically, leading to differing expectations of shelf-life, quality, and safety. Recent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses have prompted industry-wide innovations for improved packaging technologies. The ability to provide low-cost, innovative protections has become a top priority of the food and packaging industries. Smarter packaging Food packaging […]

High-End Packaging Turns Your Products into “Must-Have” Items

“Treat yourself” is the mantra of Donna and Tom on Parks and Recreation. Everyone likes to feel special — like they’ve received an extravagant gift or purchased an expensive item. That’s why there’s a trend in packaging leaning toward luxury. Packaging is an integral part of a product’s image, and studies have shown consumers are […]

Convey Authenticity with Your Package Design

When Andrew Gibbs identified 4 major trends in packaging design for 2015, he listed “visual authenticity” as No. 1. Gibbs is the creator of The Dieline, a website dedicated to providing a place where the package design community can review, critique, and stay informed of the latest trends. With his thumb on the pulse of […]

Green Packaging Expected to Grow Rapidly 2015-2021

Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, has become a priority for many businesses who want their merchandise packaging to have as little environmental impact as possible. Although this is not a new trend, the release of the Green Packaging Market Global Industrial Analysis, Trend, Size, Share and Forecast 2015-2021, makes it very clear that […]

In Natural Products, Packaging IS Your Marketing

For small to midsized businesses, competing against bigger, higher-spending companies can be daunting. This is especially true for businesses in the natural products sector. With the clean labeling trend in full swing, giants such as Kraft and Nestle are marketing more of their food and beverage items in the ‘real food’ category. Competing in the […]

Subscription-Based Services Make Packaging More Important Than Ever

What’s better than the expectation a gift package on your doorstep each month? Having it arrive in a fun or appealing box concealing an array of novel, tasty, or useful items. Special delivery From beauty products to snacks to dog toys, consumers are increasingly turning to subscription boxes to enjoy a little bit of indulgence. […]

The Newest Packaging Trend? Clean Labeling

You have probably heard of the “clean eating” trend, a quickly growing change in the way consumers view and choose foods. Did you know there is a corresponding change happening in the way foods are packaged and labeled? Meet clean labeling, a practice that food producers and packagers are using to identify their products as […]

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