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High-End Packaging Turns Your Products into “Must-Have” Items

Parks and Recreation – Treat Yourself“Treat yourself” is the mantra of Donna and Tom on Parks and Recreation. Everyone likes to feel special — like they’ve received an extravagant gift or purchased an expensive item. That’s why there’s a trend in packaging leaning toward luxury. Packaging is an integral part of a product’s image, and studies have shown consumers are more likely to purchase a high-end product if the packaging is appealing and engaging.

Even if you don’t necessarily produce a luxury item, there are ways to make your products evoke those same feelings of excitement and anticipation.


In packaging, luxury doesn’t mean gaudy, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, the latest trend in luxury packaging is toward restraint and minimalist design. Luxury brands want to project quality, craftsmanship, and heritage over flashy logos and cluttered design. Consumers are responding to more white space and less information on the packaging.


Make your package an experience that awakens the senses. The visual appeal of an uncluttered design and finishing techniques — the tactile experience of textured paper, the sounds of unwrapping, perhaps an added scent — engage your customers in different ways that convey quality and luxury, leaving a lasting impression.

Packaging examples


Font choice might seem insignificant, but fonts can speak volumes — subliminally. Fonts portray your brand’s character. Classic, traditional fonts convey the idea that your company has a strong heritage and a long, steady history.


Opening a luxury package is a layered unveiling. Fancy closures, inner wrappings, pop-up constructions, and pull tabs heighten anticipation and make opening the package a longer-lasting, more memorable experience.

Woman Looking into MirrorUse your packaging to appeal to a high-end consumer mindset and elevate the quality and satisfaction of your product.

A full-service packaging company like CTI will get to know and understand your product so it can design a package that conveys the desired brand image. The right packaging turns your product into a “must-have.”

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