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Convey Authenticity with Your Package Design

og vitaminsWhen Andrew Gibbs identified 4 major trends in packaging design for 2015, he listed “visual authenticity” as No. 1.

Gibbs is the creator of The Dieline, a website dedicated to providing a place where the package design community can review, critique, and stay informed of the latest trends. With his thumb on the pulse of the package design industry, Gibbs’ observations are a valuable resource for creating a package that truly speaks to the consumer.

Visual authenticity

Today’s consumers, in particular millennials, are not responding to traditional, corporate brand name marketing. Yes, that may have worked in the past, but today, people are making their buying decisions based not so much on recognizable brand, but on a more individual level. They want a feeling of authenticity, a vibe of reality — a package that connects personally to the customer and inspires trust in the brand.

Get real

There are certain things you should consider when designing a package that your consumers can connect with.

First, avoid over-hyping your product. Consumers will see through it. You have a quality product that should be able to speak for itself, but there are certain package design elements that can help a product gain the attention — and the consumer trust — it deserves. For example:

  • Fonts that mimic handwriting and freeform fonts give the illusion of connections with another human.
  • Vintage-inspired motifs bring comfort from connections to eras gone by. Think of the popularity of retro fashion, Facebook’s “Throwback Thursday,” or the return of handlebar mustaches.
  • Hand-drawn, simple illustrations with natural color palettes convey a sense of uncomplicated down-to-earth lifestyles.

Go natural

Sometimes a plain brown wrapper speaks to today’s consumer more than a flashy, in-your-face package.

  • Hand-crafted designs, complete with raw elements and print imperfections, give the idea that a human, rather than an impersonal machine, manufactured and packaged your product.
  • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging inspires an emotional connection with environmentally conscious consumers.
  • See-through packaging inspires trust because what you see is what you get.

Think creatively about ways you can adjust your package design to convey visual authenticity and appeal to the consumer on an emotional level. A personal connection often speaks louder than glitz when it comes to grabbing and holding the attention of your customer.

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