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Stop Shrinkage and Theft with Hard Tags

Theft and inventory shrinkage is a constant problem for retailers. However, this year’s National Retail Security Survey shows that significant gains are being realized to reduce the threat. And, for the first time since studying where shrinkage is coming from began, shoplifting has overtaken internal theft. According to the 100 retailers surveyed for the 24th […]

Kitting Is the New Bundle Package

Have you thought about using kitting to get your product in front of consumers? No? Here are some reasons that you might want to consider. Bundling Bundling is not just about phone or Internet services any more. Bundling for product manufacturers is about kits of packaged goods that they want to get into the hands […]

For Millennials, Green Is the New Pack

Millennials, like all consumers, are inundated with products and options. The products that increasingly make the cut for this market segment are those that adopt sustainability in their packaging. Causes make a difference. Research has shown that 55% of millennials are likely to develop a more positive image of a company as a result of […]

Packaging with CTI — A Partnership from End to End

Some packaging companies simply build boxes and send an invoice. You have to find other resources for packaging research, design, filling, and shipment. Working with CTI is more like a partnership; we see you through the entire process. Our experts work with you from the beginning of your project to the end, ensuring your packaging […]

3 Reasons to Check Out Thermoform Packaging

When considering packaging for your product, don’t forget about thermoform. For many products, it’s the ideal choice. Here’s why: Consumers can see a product before making a purchasing decision. Thermoformed plastic containment in the form of clamshells, trays, blisters, and plastic inserts allow consumers to see the contents. In some cases, the containers allow consumers […]

Does Your Packaging Provider Adhere to Food Safety Guidelines?

When you’re selecting a packaging provider for your food products, you have questions: Can the provider handle my product? Can it handle my volume? Can it provide the type of packaging I need? Can it offer additional services such as package design? Can the provider ship my product retail ready? But most important: Does my […]

3 Steps to Turn a Packaging Idea Into Reality

You had a great idea. You created your product. You’re ready to hit the market, right? Not quite. You forgot one important element … the packaging! A product’s packaging is the first impression a consumer gets about your item and is essential for your brand image and marketing. So how can you make sure a […]

Dimensional Weight Pricing Means Pack It Small

Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to make their purchases. And these purchases are no longer just hard to find products or expensive items. Small, everyday goods, such as a tube of lipstick or a box of paper towels, are being shipped to consumers as well. While the practice is convenient for busy consumers, […]

Stand Out with Innovative Packaging Solutions

When you look at the store shelf for your product category, do all of the packages look the same? If your answer is yes, it’s time to break out! Stand out from those look-alike competitors and consider putting a new, innovative spin on your packaging’s style. The Natural Products Expo West 2015 showcased some of […]

Expand Your Sales Opportunities with Retail-Ready Packaging

When you think about product packaging, the first images that come to mind may be bottles, boxes, clamshells, or other types of primary packaging that make direct contact with the product. However, another type of packaging can have a significant impact on your product’s success in stores: retail-ready packaging. What is retail-ready packaging? Retail-ready packaging […]

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