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Pureturgent laundry detergent

Pureturgent laundry detergent

When you look at the store shelf for your product category, do all of the packages look the same? If your answer is yes, it’s time to break out! Stand out from those look-alike competitors and consider putting a new, innovative spin on your packaging’s style.

The Natural Products Expo West 2015 showcased some of the most innovative products and packaging that are changing the way we think about product packaging — and making a difference in the world at the same time. Here are just a few highlights of the innovative packaging demonstrated at the event.

Pureturgent Laundry DetergentPureturgent has dumped the old traditional plastic laundry detergent bottle for a sleek plastic pouch design. With a number of different detergent formulas and a hookable, hangable pouch for easy use, Pureturgent provides a whole new perspective on laundry. The pouches use eight times less plastic than the traditional bottle and consumers can mail the empty pouches back to the company for post-use conversion into diesel fuel — a zero-waste solution!

Back to the Roots CerealBack to the Roots cereal provides the first innovation in cereal packaging in 100 years. Recognizing the opportunity to revolutionize cereal products, Back to the Roots selected a milk-carton style package that eliminated the need for a plastic bag of cereal inside a flimsy paperboard box. The result is a 25% reduction in materials and a package that is easier to open, store, and pour.

KOOEE! Jerky Trail MixKOOEE! Jerky Trail Mix is a high-protein paleo-friendly trail mix for adventurers and on-the-go professionals alike. Incorporating jerky into a trail mix may sound simple, but presents challenges regarding shelf life: The moisture in the jerky can cause the other trail mix ingredients to spoil more quickly. KOOEE! solves this problem with their innovative RIP > PEEL > MIX pouch. The pouch contains two compartments to keep the jerky separate from the rest of the trail mix until the customer is ready to enjoy it. When the package is ripped open, the dividing seal peels apart, allowing the consumer to mix the components together.

These packaging innovations not only provide inspiration and new ideas for protecting and presenting products, but they also use less materials and reduce packaging waste. They demonstrate that bold package innovations can help your product get noticed while keeping sustainability in mind.

Is new, innovative packaging right for your product? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will the new package hold up during transport and can it be easily shelved?
  • Can the new package ensure the products’ safety?
  • Does the new package help combat spillage and storage issues?

Next, check in with your packaging provider. They are the experts who can recommend the best design, materials, and even complete the fill and delivery process. Don’t be afraid to take a completely fresh look at your product packaging! A packaging expert like CTI can help you find exciting innovative packaging that can offer your customers an even better experience.

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