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Stop Shrinkage and Theft with Hard Tags


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Theft and inventory shrinkage is a constant problem for retailers. However, this year’s National Retail Security Survey shows that significant gains are being realized to reduce the threat. And, for the first time since studying where shrinkage is coming from began, shoplifting has overtaken internal theft.

According to the 100 retailers surveyed for the 24th annual National Retail Security Survey, there was an average shrink rate of 1.38% in 2014 — $44 billion in losses out of $3.2 trillion in total sales, compared with the $44.25 billion lost by retailers the previous year. The report credits technology and better employee screening with the decrease in shrinkage.

Hard tags and the Internet of Things

The use of packaging technologies such as clamshell packaging have helped to reduce shrinkage, but many retailers are turning to electronic devices such as hard tags. And the number of these antitheft devices is only going to grow as retailers implement the “Internet of Things” strategy.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of objects that are embedded with electronic devices, sensors, software, and other technologies that allow them to communicate with one other and with people. This interconnectedness results in improved efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit.

Hard tag options

Hard tags in many different types, making them customizable to almost any product. Sensormatic and Checkpoint are two primary manufacturers of electronic article surveillance (EAS) hard tags.


  • SuperTags are the gold standard in product protection and are used on a wide variety of apparel and general merchandise.
  • Magnetic Tags provide retailers with a comprehensive solution to protect the entire store.
  • Specialty Tags are compact, lightweight tags that provide strong visual deterrents with low impact to merchandise.
  • Benefit Denial Tags offer a very effective deterrent against shoplifting: visible vials of ink that permanently stain garments when defeat is attempted.


  • Gen 3 Hard Tags are designed to protect high-risk items including apparel and accessories. Their superior precision facilitates accurate alarm management. They’re easy to remove with a checkpoint detacher and are reusable.
  • Gen 2 Hard Tags are the company’s smallest hard-tag-and-pin combo and have similar functionality to Gen 3.
  • Apparel Clips are the industry’s smallest and lightest hard tags. Their non-ferrous metal composite enables application during the manufacturing process.

CTI can help you determine how best to protect your product and your retailer — whether packaging alone can suffice or it’s time to look into hard tags for your products.

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