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Kitting Is the New Bundle Package

Kit packagingHave you thought about using kitting to get your product in front of consumers? No? Here are some reasons that you might want to consider.


Bundling is not just about phone or Internet services any more. Bundling for product manufacturers is about kits of packaged goods that they want to get into the hands of consumers at the least possible expense. It’s all about time to shelf, return on investment, and capital costs. Bundling is paying off for manufacturers of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to children’s educational materials and dog treats and toys.

The kit subscription

People love the trend of getting a package in the mail with products that are not only a surprise, but are targeted toward their needs and likes. It’s paying off in enjoyment for the consumer and the promotion of products for the manufacturer.

There’s a reason why kits are the new trends for manufacturers and their marketing efforts.

  • They allow businesses to more effectively target customers.
  • They let manufacturers offer special products more quickly.
  • Purchasers can save on shipping costs by combining products in a custom-made box.
  • Products can be bundled in various combinations to provide different unit-of-sale options for shoppers.

Free is not always free

Although kits may seem like the best way to promote your product, the expense of providing free samples may not always be worth the effort. Make sure the product packaging has a link back to your website, and analyze your results. Is the cost of providing your product free of charge paying off? Try a special code or affiliate website tag to determine whether your strategy is working.

CTI’s bundling experts can help you determine if kitting is the right choice for you. If so, we¬†know how to integrate the secondary packaging into primary packaging to keep the handling costs down and minimize shipping damages. Our food-processing capabilities include kit assembly and promotional packaging in temperature-controlled environments, as well as special configurations for club stores and other retailers.

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