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Take Another Look: Starbucks’ Holiday Red Cup Scandal

When Starbucks removed the wreaths and reindeer from its holiday coffee cups in favor of a plain red cup, the company probably didn’t expect the backlash it created. (Or maybe it did?) Many in the Christian community reacted vehemently, saying the new design was anti-Christmas. Others called the backlash silly, many citing that it’s just […]

Stop Shrinkage and Theft with Hard Tags

Theft and inventory shrinkage is a constant problem for retailers. However, this year’s National Retail Security Survey shows that significant gains are being realized to reduce the threat. And, for the first time since studying where shrinkage is coming from began, shoplifting has overtaken internal theft. According to the 100 retailers surveyed for the 24th […]

RFID Is the Next-Generation Bar Code and More

Counterfeiting products has become an increasingly prevalent problem. It infringes on your intellectual property, erodes your brand, and reduces market share. Classic solutions have included bar codes and tamper-evident packaging. But with profit margins high, counterfeiters are motivated to overcome these packaging and labeling barriers, and manufacturers need to come up with more advanced solutions. […]

Should You Invest In a Seasonal Package Design?

As more people do their shopping on big marketplace sites like Amazon or through Facebook, brands are finding it more difficult to stand out and be memorable. One method companies are turning to is branded seasonal packaging. It can create a memorable experience for consumers and persuade them to identify with your brand. However, seasonal packaging […]

It’s All in the Label: Counterfeit Wine and Its Telltale Signs

Is that high-dollar 1922 bottle of chardonnay on your table really the wine you paid for? The wine counterfeiting business is ubiquitous; it’s thriving and making it difficult to determine the authenticity of your purchase. Wine collectors in the U.S., China, and other foreign markets are falling victim to counterfeiting, boosting the profits of this […]

It’s In the Eye of the Beerholder

Beer has typically been perceived as a “man’s drink,” and apparently the glass it is served in may have something to do with that. A recent survey showed that, although women do enjoy drinking beer, especially today’s myriad of craft beers, the glass it is served in makes a difference. A study showed that 47% […]

Kitting Is the New Bundle Package

Have you thought about using kitting to get your product in front of consumers? No? Here are some reasons that you might want to consider. Bundling Bundling is not just about phone or Internet services any more. Bundling for product manufacturers is about kits of packaged goods that they want to get into the hands […]

This Product Packaging Is Crystal Clear

You’ve got a great product. You know it. It’s time to let your consumers know it as well. Clear packaging allows consumers to see what they’re buying and therefore makes them more likely to buy. In fact, it can influence a buying decision even more than your brand label. But clear packaging does pose a […]

Glass vs. Plastic: Weigh the Odds

Transparent packaging has been a long-lasting trend, and there are many options to choose from to really highlight your brand. When it comes to your product, the question is: glass or plastic? Eco-friendlier — or not Today’s consumers are all about eco-friendly. Most people immediately think of glass over plastic when they think about the […]

Subscription Services Spark Success

You’ve probably seen television ads that show someone opening a box of goodies that came in the mail and realized from the ad that it’s a surprise package of goodies that comes every month. How cool is that?! Well, the coolest part about it is that most of these goodies are samples that you get […]

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