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Glass vs. Plastic: Weigh the Odds

Woman Selecting Juice BottleTransparent packaging has been a long-lasting trend, and there are many options to choose from to really highlight your brand. When it comes to your product, the question is: glass or plastic?

Eco-friendlier — or not

Today’s consumers are all about eco-friendly. Most people immediately think of glass over plastic when they think about the environment and recycling. Glass can be recycled over and over without loss of purity, but it can only be recycled into glass; plastic can be broken down and recycled into many different products. Recycling of glass peaked in the 1990s, whereas these days, only 20% of glass containers are recycled, compared with more than 40% of plastic containers. Plastic packaging also uses much less raw material and less energy in the manufacturing process, which results in cost savings for the manufacturer.

Transparency is key, but …

Transparency is important for packaging. Shoppers want to see what they’re getting. But transparency can also be tricky. Glass has great transparency and doesn’t corrode or produce a film like plastic can. But it is also heavy, costlier to ship, and doesn’t stack on store shelves as well as plastic containers. Glass can also break and, when it does, can injure the consumer or the production worker.

Fresh, yes!

Glass is nonporous and impermeable. Products packaged in glass retain their strength, aroma, and flavor and leave no aftertaste. However, plastic absorbs the odors of strong-smelling foods so that the smell doesn’t spread throughout the refrigerator.

Promoting your brand

Plastic materials are easier than glass to print on and offer a packing solution that makes it easier to promote your brand with less cost.

Choosing between plastic or glass depends on your product and your brand. Understanding how your product will be perceived is valuable information. If you’re unsure of which would work best for you, CTI is here to help. Contact us for a consultation.

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