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Wild Turkey Gets a New Look

The end of 2015 brought a new look to one of America’s foremost bourbon brands — Wild Turkey. Although the contents remain unchanged, Wild Turkey has designed new packaging for its range of premium bourbon and rye whiskey products. According to an article from Brand Packaging magazine, “A detailed new turkey illustration, found on every […]

It’s In the Eye of the Beerholder

Beer has typically been perceived as a “man’s drink,” and apparently the glass it is served in may have something to do with that. A recent survey showed that, although women do enjoy drinking beer, especially today’s myriad of craft beers, the glass it is served in makes a difference. A study showed that 47% […]

National Holiday: Oct. 30 Celebrates Which Famous Candy?

That’s right: candy corn! Oct. 30 is known to those in the biz as the (unofficial) National Candy Corn Day. Originating in the late 1800s, candy corn is the buttery, sweet treat that is known for its iconic shape and likeness to corn kernels. Popular in the autumn season, candy corn is a known favorite […]

Refreshing … Packaging? Celestial Seasonings Tea Changes It Up

For over 40 years, Celestial Seasonings has created specialty teas enjoyed around the world. The brand recently unveiled a refreshed look with updated packaging that draws on the brand’s heritage while sporting a new look and feel. According to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Acuri, Celestial Seasonings opted to keep the elements that […]

230 Million Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere, and making them requires a lot of raw material. So it’s exciting to see some of America’s largest corporations taking the lead in responsible packaging. Procter & Gamble, a leader in consumer household products, has committed to producing 230 million bottles for their products with up to 50% Post Consumer Recycled […]

What Makes Apple Packaging So Appealing?

Technology giant Apple is known around the globe for its innovative, streamlined, easy-to-use products. But aside from their world famous electronics and software solutions, Apple is well known for another thing in particular: their packaging. Clean, crisp, and minimalistic, Apple packaging has been wowing customer for years. But what makes the experience of opening that […]

The Iconic Egg Carton May Get a New Look

Egg carton. When you see these words, you instantly know what this package looks like and what it does. For more than 100 years, the humble egg carton has protected one of the food industry’s most breakable products. Invented in 1911 by Canadian Joseph Coyle to settle a dispute between a farmer and a hotel […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Space Food Packaging

With all of the wonder and excitement that comes with the idea of astronauts, shuttles, and space stations, it is often easy to overlook basic necessities — like getting food up there in the first place! But NASA scientists have spent years perfecting unique packaging that keeps foods safe to eat and edible for long […]

Packaging Redesigns that Flopped

A packaging redesign is often a breath of fresh air and a sign of new direction and growth for companies. But sometimes, changes in packaging can face criticism from consumers and even result in loss of sales. Check out these five package redesigns that flopped. Tropicana — When the popular juice seller switched to a […]

The College of Beer-Packaging Knowledge

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