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Packaging Redesigns that Flopped

A packaging redesign is often a breath of fresh air and a sign of new direction and growth for companies. But sometimes, changes in packaging can face criticism from consumers and even result in loss of sales. Check out these five package redesigns that flopped.

  1. Tropicana — When the popular juice seller switched to a new, clean design, they faced a 20% drop in sales in a single month. Some believe the package change was so extreme that it was unrecognizable for consumers.
  2. Sun Chips — In 2010, Frito-Lay pulled a noble effort in switching to biodegradable bags for Sun Chips, but were faced with unexpected backlash. The problem? The new bags were too noisy. Consumers were so annoyed with the change, a Facebook group called “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag” was formed and gained over 44,000 friends.
  3. Monopoly — It is difficult to find a single person who has never heard of, much less played, a game of Monopoly. But when the classic game was redesigned for a more modern look, it became nearly unrecognizable. Very few of the redesigned games remain on the market.
  4. Sierra Mist — The lemon-lime soda has seen numerous redesigns over the past 10 years. The most infamous featured a background of what consumers called a “creepy green swamp.” Luckily, the swamp has been ditched in their most recently revealed design.
  5. Pepsi — Also not a stranger to redesigns, the company reportedly spent $1 million in 2008 on a new logo … which looks almost exactly the same as the old one. Critics called it a waste of money and the 27-page design strategy document called “Breathtaking” is so extreme, the internet community wonders if it is actually a hoax.

The lesson we can learn here? Working with an experienced packaging provider is imperative for redesign success!

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