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What Makes Apple Packaging So Appealing?

Top secret stampTechnology giant Apple is known around the globe for its innovative, streamlined, easy-to-use products. But aside from their world famous electronics and software solutions, Apple is well known for another thing in particular: their packaging.

Clean, crisp, and minimalistic, Apple packaging has been wowing customer for years. But what makes the experience of opening that brand new iPad or MacBook so satisfying?

As it turns out, it takes a lot of work to create the perfect package opening experience for customers — so much so that Apple has a dedicated secret packaging room in its Cupertino, California headquarters.

Here, a team of package designers create and test packaging features in an attempt to make the package opening experience as satisfying as possible. From arrows to colors to tapes to tabs, designers experiment with packaging features that will delight consumers.

At times, the room can be filled with hundreds of prototype boxes, and package designers will spend hours just opening boxes in search of the greatest emotional appeal.

So the next time you purchase an Apple product, savor that glorious unboxing experience — countless hours and millions of dollars have gone into making it so appealing!

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