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Appeal to Consumers with Resealable Packaging

People, especially millennials, are consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. With that increased consumption, packaging for freshness is growing increasingly important. Packagers need to be aware of this trend so they can address the packaging needs of their customers. Fresh diet trends A Packaging Digest article cites a Mintel report which says that “nearly 40% of consumers […]

RFID Is the Next-Generation Bar Code and More

Counterfeiting products has become an increasingly prevalent problem. It infringes on your intellectual property, erodes your brand, and reduces market share. Classic solutions have included bar codes and tamper-evident packaging. But with profit margins high, counterfeiters are motivated to overcome these packaging and labeling barriers, and manufacturers need to come up with more advanced solutions. […]

This Product Packaging Is Crystal Clear

You’ve got a great product. You know it. It’s time to let your consumers know it as well. Clear packaging allows consumers to see what they’re buying and therefore makes them more likely to buy. In fact, it can influence a buying decision even more than your brand label. But clear packaging does pose a […]

Prevent Overdue Food Loss with MAP

When we think of waste associated with food products, we often think first of the waste that packaging creates. However, a significant amount of waste is that of the food itself. You feel good about bringing home a shopping cart full of healthy, fresh produce — until it sits in the back of the fridge […]

Quick, Easy Packaging Designed with On-the-Go Consumers in Mind

So many of our consumers lead busy lives, and the on-the-go lifestyle that has emerged in recent years is only expected to grow. Consumers with such busy lifestyles don’t want to waste valuable time opening products and fiddling with inconvenient packaging. Plus, mobile lifestyles typically result in an increase in consumption — from disposable water […]

Developing New Packaging? Do Your Research

Packaging development can be broken down into three phases: research and analysis, strategy, and design and implementation. Although all three phases are important and necessary, the cornerstone of the development process is the research and analysis, which lays the groundwork and creates a starting place for strategizing the right packaging for your product. Study the […]

Win the Loyalty of the Millennials Through Packaging

Millennials are notorious for their lack of brand loyalty and hard-to-please nature. But this growing and influential group can offer a huge opportunity for business growth if you appeal to them the right way. Generation Y Move over Gen X, there’s a new kid in town, and they’re getting a lot of attention from marketers. […]

Inspire Brand Loyalty with Personalized Packaging

Brand loyalty is hard to come by in this age: Customers are demanding more from companies in return for their business. But one unique spin on product packaging can give you the edge you need to bring in more buyers. Today’s buyers, especially younger ones, have preferences that change on a whim. An assembly-line approach […]

Why Offering Less May Increase Your Sales

Consumers want a variety of food, beverage, and health product sizes based on their families and needs. But changing demographics are suddenly making the expression “less is more” very true. What does that mean for the packaging industry? Changing lifestyles, changing packages The average household has changed a great deal over the last 40 years. […]

Club Store Sales Offer Huge Opportunity — with the Right Packaging

Buying in bulk has never been so profitable. Club membership stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are some of the fastest growing general merchandise retailers in the world: In the U.S. alone, the annual revenue for wholesale club stores is anticipated to increase to $512 billion by 2019. This growth presents an incredible sales […]

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