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Is Digital Printing Right for Your Product Labeling?

One of the biggest packaging trends forecast for 2016 is digital printing. According to Smithers Pira’s The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2018 report, cited in a Packaging Digest article, “Estimated to be worth $7.3 billion in 2013, the digital print for packaging market is forecast to hit $15.3 billion by 2018.” Are you […]

Should You Invest In a Seasonal Package Design?

As more people do their shopping on big marketplace sites like Amazon or through Facebook, brands are finding it more difficult to stand out and be memorable. One method companies are turning to is branded seasonal packaging. It can create a memorable experience for consumers and persuade them to identify with your brand. However, seasonal packaging […]

Glass vs. Plastic: Weigh the Odds

Transparent packaging has been a long-lasting trend, and there are many options to choose from to really highlight your brand. When it comes to your product, the question is: glass or plastic? Eco-friendlier — or not Today’s consumers are all about eco-friendly. Most people immediately think of glass over plastic when they think about the […]

Do Millennials Have Different Expectations for Packaging?

Yes! It’s true. Millennials are set to make up 50% of the workforce this year. As their buying power increases, the way they experience your product will influence their purchasing decisions. As packaging providers, we have to understand what they are looking for when they are faced with the option of choosing between your products […]

20 Seconds to Decide: Make It Easy with Color

Does color matter? Yes! Consumers make product decisions in 20 seconds or less, and a distinctive piece of that decisionmaking process is color. Even though packaging can engage all the senses, people primarily rely on sight when making a purchasing decision. Color makes your brand recognizable, immediately grabbing your consumer’s attention in those first 20 […]

Does Your Product Need a Packaging Makeover?

Changing packaging can be expensive, in more ways than one. Aside from retooling the packaging system, a change also requires the risk of valued customers not recognizing their favorite products. But NOT updating your packaging comes with its own set of dangers. How do you know when it’s time to take the plunge? Are you […]

Should eCommerce Retailers Use Custom Packaging?

eCommerce offers retailers a chance to get their products to more people without worrying about the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar store. But they DO have to worry about shipping — and an increasing number of retailers are turning to custom packaging to offer a unique buyer experience. But does custom packaging really matter when […]

What’s the State of Packaging for 2015?

The packaging industry is always changing, and it can be hard to understand and keep up with this rapidly changing industry. So what is the state of packaging for 2015? Anton Steeman, writer of the blog “Best in Packaging” has the answer. In an interview on CTI’s “Package Talk” blog, he shares his thoughts on […]

Does Your Product Have Too Much Slack-Fill?

Have you ever opened a food package and been disappointed to see more air than product? From vitamins to deodorant sticks to bags of chips, having a poor ratio of product to air space can leave consumers with a bad taste. Slack fill, also known as nonfunctional or empty space, has been a source of […]

What Will It Cost to Redesign My Packaging?

Redesigning your packaging can be a creative, exciting process — and a competitive one. But because so many factors impact the cost of a redesign, it can be difficult to estimate the true price of that slick new packaging you envision. When it comes to package design, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution. The most important […]

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