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Should eCommerce Retailers Use Custom Packaging?

Handing over a packageeCommerce offers retailers a chance to get their products to more people without worrying about the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar store. But they DO have to worry about shipping — and an increasing number of retailers are turning to custom packaging to offer a unique buyer experience. But does custom packaging really matter when it comes to delivering the product to consumers? YES!

  • First impressions are important and could be a deciding factor for whether the customer will make repeat purchases. Think about the excitement and delight you’ve felt as you unbox something you’ve ordered, or seen that same reaction on the faces of people in those “unboxing videos” so prevalent on YouTube.
  • High-end retailers can let down consumers when their eCommerce packaging does not meet expectations. It might negatively impact their reputation as a luxury brand as well.
  • Custom packaging is also important for reducing shipping costs and protecting the shipped item effectively. With major carriers switching to dimensional weight pricing, retailers get the best shipping price when the item is in the smallest possible package. Custom packaging can also do a better job of ensuring your product arrives undamaged, which protects your brand’s reputation.

So if custom packaging has so many benefits, why wouldn’t a retailer go that route? Well, you might not be totally sold on the cost vs. benefits, yet. For those retailers, there is an alternative: semicustom packaging for eCommerce.

Semicustom packaging lets you take advantage of pre-cut cutting dies to create boxes and mailers in the size you want and that can easily be branded with your own labels on an as-needed basis. The size and shape of the package might not be exactly what you’d like, but typically you can find one that is close enough, saving you the money and the time needed to create a fully customized solution.

Not only is semicustom packaging a middle-ground solution that lets you test the waters before taking the plunge into full customization — it might just be the perfect solution for your product. The packaging experts at CTI would be happy to discuss your needs and help you determine if customized or semicustomized packaging makes sense for your business.

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