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Right-Size Your Packaging for Today’s Consumers

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Source: NatureBox

A recent trend for the packaging industry is to offer a variety of package sizes to meet consumers’ needs. Being able to offer options from economical, family-sized containers to trial-sized packaging that encourages consumers to try a new product is key in today’s market.

Consumers want more variety in pack sizes and manufacturers must deliver to overcome a growing lack of brand loyalty, according to marketing research company Mintel Group as cited in an article from Food Business News. “Value-conscious families want larger container sizes for milk, and more than half of health-conscious snackers are more likely to try a new product if it is available in a trial-size pack, according to Mintel,” the article says.

The benefits of trial size

Consumers are understandably hesitant to try an unfamiliar product, especially if the packaging is full sized. That’s where trial-sized packaging can help. Although trial-sized samples are a valuable element of the product launch process, they won’t be successful if the product doesn’t live up to customer expectations. Creating a miniature replica of the full-sized product assists brand recognition, but a miniature does not have the space to replicate the brand’s graphics, so a company must determine which graphics to cut.

Trial-sized packaging is heavily used by subscription service providers. These providers mail “kits” of similar items (for example, health and beauty products or healthy snacks) in trial size to introduce the subscriber to new products.

Trial-sized packaging also offers convenience to travelers, as the products are easily transported or packed in carry-on bags.

Benefits of variety packaging

Consumers like choice, and a variety pack of products from a manufacturer provides that. Variety packs serve a similar purpose as trial sizes in that they spur future purchases. Variety packs also allow consumers to compare similar products, which can influence future purchasing decisions for the regular-sized products. Variety packs are an economical way to cater to the individual preferences of family members, too.


Source: New Belgium Brewing Company

Variety packaging is especially popular in the craft brewing industry and is a major reason behind its booming success. Beer lovers want to try as many different brews as possible, and packaging a variety of beers in a six or 12 pack helps them do that. Variety packs are an important marketing tool for craft brewers who hope consumers find a favorite and return to purchase it frequently. Variety packaging also offers a lot more space for product description and marketing messages.

Both trial-sized packaging and variety packs offer an economical way to introduce new products to consumers. CTI packaging experts can help you determine which option, or both, is the best choice for your business.

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