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Package Your Product for Big-Box Store Appeal

Full Shopping Cart in Grocery StoreFor many consumer goods companies, becoming a supplier for Wal-Mart, Target, or another big-box retailer is the ultimate dream. However, to even be considered as a possible big-box supplier, you must ensure that your product, supply chain, and even packaging conform to the retailer’s detailed requirements.

Your packaging provider can help, by working with you to design and produce product packaging that can impress big-store buyers.

Packaging for big-box success

There are certain design choices you can make to ensure your packaging is ready for the big-box world. Consider the following aspects when designing your product’s packaging for maximum big-box appeal.

Shelf fit

When possible, use standard packaging sizes in line with other products in your category. Standard sizes are often cheaper and more efficient to produce, distribute, and stock in a warehouse. As you design your packaging, also consider how it will look next to competitive products on the shelf — for example, its shape, size, and overall appearance, says Karen Waksman, a consultant who advises businesses on how to sell to large retailers.


Big-box retailers look for packaging that ensures security and provides theft-deterrent features. These features could include electronic sensors embedded in the packaging, protective thermoform plastic packaging such as clamshells or blister packaging, and tamper-evident features.


Recyclable and sustainably sourced packaging is of ever-increasing importance to consumers, and therefore to big-box stores, too. Major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart have implemented sustainable supplier programs. Wal-Mart, in particular, has publicly set a goal of increasing post-consumer recycled material in plastic packaging by 3 billion pounds by 2020. Using sustainable packaging materials and processes can ensure your product meets the retailers’ requirements and initiatives.

Capacity and flexibility

Big-box stores also evaluate the ability of a producer (and consequently, that of its packaging supplier) to meet their often-demanding needs in terms of quantity of replacement stock, frequency of shipments, tight deadlines, and if possible, even distribution across multiple markets.

Partnering with a packaging vendor who understands large retailers’ expectations can increase your chances of landing shelf-space in a big-box store. Combined Technologies, Inc. (CTI) provides the secure packaging solutions, sustainable packaging technologies, package design, and flexible processes that can help you prepare your product packaging for the big-box big time.

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