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7 Tips to Work More Effectively with Your Contract Packaging Vendor

Group Of Businesspeople Discussing TogetherYou’ve perfected your product and have decided to contract a packaging vendor to design and package it for you. What can you do to ensure the smoothest possible relationship with your packaging provider? Here are some tips to help you work as effectively as possible with your packaging vendor.

Tip #1: Be in the know — Get to know all of the key team members who will be working on your project. This team may include the designer, project manager, production manager, and other key people in the process.

Tip #2: Communicate — Make sure you have a primary point of contact and frequently communicate with that person. You’ll want to have easy access to your contact throughout the process, so make sure you attend all scheduled meetings and conferences, return phone calls, and keep email communication flowing.

Tip #3: Get it in writing — Make sure you understand all of the terms in your contract and get clarification on anything you don’t understand. To ensure there are no incorrect assumptions on either side, make sure you get all details in writing so you and your vendor both have a reference to go back to if needed.

Tip #4: Make time for a visit — If your contract packaging vendor is within commuting distance, arrange to visit in person and take a tour of the line. If you can visit more often, it may make the process smoother.

Tip #5: Collaborate with an open mind — Keep an open mind during the collaboration process and carefully consider the recommendations your packaging vendor makes. By heeding your provider’s suggestions and recommendations, you get to benefit from their expertise and lessons learned over the course of the many projects they’ve handled. Use that knowledge to avoid potential pitfalls!

Tip #6: Ask questions — If any part of the process is unclear or if any recommendation doesn’t make sense, ask about it! It is far better to ask a question than to find out too late in the process that major (and costly) changes are needed.

Tip #7: Trust your contract packaging vendor — When your communication is flowing and the collaboration and design process complete, avoid micromanaging your contract packaging vendor. Remember that they are experts at what they do so that you can be an expert at what you do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but let them handle the details — that’s their job!

These seven tips are a great start to forming a successful and effective partnership with your contract packaging vendor.

CTI encourages our clients to communicate and collaborate with us throughout the entire packaging development process. We approach every packaging project as a collaborative effort, working with our customers to ensure that their packaging represents their brand as successfully as possible.

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