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What Kind of Packaging Do You Want?

Businesspeople using tablet computer in a meetingCongratulations! You’re finally ready to plan the launch of your new product, and it’s time to create your packaging. Perhaps you already know what you want your product’s packaging to look like, or at least have some ideas. You might be completely overwhelmed by all the different options for packaging materials, shapes, sizes, aesthetics, and design elements. Or you might have a concept in mind but can’t quite explain it or figure out how to translate it into a tangible design with specs.

That’s where your contract packaging provider comes in. An experienced packaging firm like Combined Technologies, Inc. (CTI) will collaborate with you to figure out the right packaging that will bring your brand message to the right buyers.

Asking the right questions

The process begins with your package provider asking you the right questions to understand your brand, your product, and your customers. Your answers to these questions will do more to inform and direct your package design than any other part of the process. Expect your packaging provider to ask you questions such as these:

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  1. What is your product, and what is it used for? Is it a product type that consumers will recognize, or will your packaging need to educate them about it?
  2. Is it a completely new product or a rebranded one?
  3. Who is your target customer? What is your target customer’s age, gender, and income and education level?
  4. What emotions would motivate your customers to buy your product (for example, fear, pride, envy, altruism, greed)? What other factors would motivate your customers? Do they want to be healthier? Are they eco-conscious?
  5. Where and how will your product be sold? Will the product be displayed on retail shelves? Will your product be sold in warehouse wholesale clubs? Will your product be sold only online?
  6. Who is your competition? What differentiates your brand and product from its competitors?
  7. What packaging materials and styles have you considered for the product? Have you tested any of these options with consumers or focus groups?
  8. How secure and tamper-proof does your packaging need to be?
  9. Must your packaging conform to FDA or USDA requirements?
  10. When is your product launch date?

Answering these and other questions will provide the information your packaging team requires to design and develop a packaging solution that captures your vision for your product and brand and meets the needs of your customers and retailers.

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