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The Value of Collaboration in Contract Packaging

MeetingPackaging industry experts indicate that consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are involving contract packaging providers at earlier stages of product and package development than ever before. Contract packagers are encouraging early collaboration because of the benefits it provides both packaging firms and their customers.

Why collaborate?

Close collaboration between CPGs and contract packaging providers offers several benefits.

Innovation. Strong collaboration between contract packagers and CPGs encourages product innovation. Many contract packaging providers have extensive experience in the manufacturing process — sometimes more than the manufacturer they’re working with. That experience gives CPGs a better grasp on trends in their market, so they can work with contract packagers to create new and innovative product ideas.

Synergy. Close collaboration between a contract packager and a CPG at all stages of product development allows the packager to more intimately understand and implement the client’s goals. For example, a contract packaging provider can reduce time to market, use sustainable packaging methods, and offer a variety of green packaging options. The better your contract packager understands your brand, product, and goals, the more the packaging provider can work to make sure the packaging process meets those goals and standards.

Agility. Involving contract packaging providers early in the development process provides an opportunity for increased agility as customer or market needs change. This is because the packaging vendor and client can rapidly communicate and make changes to project specs in response to such changes. Increased agility allows for a packaging process that is as smooth and seamless as possible, while minimizing delays caused by shifts in the market and packaging demands.

Since our founding over 15 years ago, Combined Technologies, Inc. (CTI) has worked in a collaborative way with all our customers. We work with you from the earliest stages of the packaging process. We research your product and packaging requirements and your competitors’ packaging to understand the whole picture in your market. We then work with you to develop design and packaging strategies to make your brand and product stand out. Throughout the entire design and implementation process, CTI’s packaging experts collaborate with you to ensure that your packaging represents your brand as successfully as possible.

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