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Choose the Right Colors for Your Packaging

multicolored cubesThe very first message a consumer gets about your product is often a nonverbal one. Before a buyer handles, reads, or even considers picking up a product, he or she is already responding emotionally to the package’s color. Because of this response, choosing the right color (or colors) for your packaging is one of the most important decisions you will make during the package design process.

A recent University of Missouri study found that color influences consumer perception of a company’s brand and logo by evoking an emotional response. This emotional response can have a direct impact on the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Color psychology quick guide

You can use insights from color psychology — the study of how color affects human behavior — to influence how consumers perceive your product and brand. A good way to get started with considering colors for your packaging and brand is to decide what emotions and messages you’d like to create for your consumers. Use this handy quick guide to begin narrowing down choices to discuss with your packaging provider.

  • Red — In general color theory, red is often associated with passion and aggression, but the University of Missouri study found that red created perceptions of expertise and self-assurance for consumers.
  • Orange — Orange often creates perceptions of value, affordability, and adventure.
  • Yellow — Yellow can create the perception that a product is modern or fun.
  • Green — Green has a few obvious color associations such as environmental friendliness and natural or organic products. Less-obvious associations consumers have with the color green are masculinity and durability.
  • Blue — Blue is one of the most universally appealing colors across many cultures throughout the world. It’s not surprising, then, that the color blue creates perceptions of reliability, confidence, and success for consumers.
  • Pink — Often associated with femininity, pink is a popular choice for products targeted to a predominantly female market. Pink also creates perceptions of youthfulness, creativity, and imagination.
  • Purple — Purple was traditionally the color worn by royalty, and that association carries through to create perceptions of luxury and glamour for consumers.

A powerful design element

The power of color cannot be overstated. That’s why, when designing your product’s packaging, you and your packaging provider should carefully consider color options and the emotions they convey. When color is used skillfully, and in conjunction with other important packaging design elements, the resulting package will be highly attractive to customers — a package that establishes your brand and distinguishes it from the competition.

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