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7 Popular Products That Almost Failed

Cola pouring into a glassTiming is everything when it comes to launching a product. A great product idea might flop if customers aren’t ready to accept it. That’s what almost happened to these seven products — all of which had slow starts, but went on to become hits with American consumers.

  1. VW Beetle: Sold 330 its first year in the U.S.
  2. Liquid Paper: Sold 1,200 bottles in its first year.
  3. Cuisinart: Sold 200 in its first year.
  4. Listerine: Launched initially as a surgical antiseptic in 1879, it didn’t achieve widespread popularity until the 1920s when it was marketed as a solution for bad breath.
  5. Scrabble: Sold 532 in its first year.
  6. Coca-Cola (bottled): Sold 25 bottles in its first year.
  7. Tupperware: Launched in 1946, it didn’t start selling until two years later when a sales company offered the products via Tupperware “parties.”
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