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The Sustainable Element You Haven’t Thought Of

plastic packageWhen thinking about sustainable packaging, most people think of packaging materials and recyclability. While those aspects are important, many often overlook how sealing methods impact the sustainability of the packaging. One great sustainable sealing method is Cold Seal Adhesion.

Benefits of Cold Seal Adhesion

Cold Seal Adhesion is a sealing method that uses pressure rather than heat to create a secure seal in package manufacturing. Cold Seal Adhesion reduces energy consumption by eliminating the costs and energy required for heat sealing.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits Cold Seal Adhesion provides:

  • Faster packaging manufacturing and production — Cold Seal Adhesion doesn’t require heating, so it reduces dwell time that would otherwise be needed for a secure seal, allowing your packaging lines to run faster.
  • Protects heat-sensitive products — Cold Seal Adhesion is especially beneficial for packaging of heat-sensitive products that could be damaged by high temperature sealing methods.
  • Appropriate for food-grade and medical-grade product packaging — With a variety of sealant formulations, Cold Seal Adhesion is a terrific option for food-grade and medical-grade product packages. As latex allergies continue to gain attention, cold sealing offers non-latex alternatives that avoid latex contamination in food packaging that could cause significant illness among consumers. And as for medical-grade products, many hospitals and health networks no longer allow products or packaging containing latex in an effort to avoid allergic reactions among patients.

Combined Technologies offers Cold Seal Adhesion as part of its Club Store Packaging options. To learn more about Cold Seal Adhesion and other sustainable packaging solutions for your products, contact your Combined Technologies representative.

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