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Make Way for Flexible Packaging

White sample package.The days of supermarket shelves packed with boxes and bottles are beginning to fade. Replacing this traditional packaging are all shapes and types of packets and pouches —flexible packaging that takes up less space —both on the shelf and in the landfill.

The demand for flexible packaging is growing rapidly because of its sustainability and convenience benefits. A recent article by Smithers Pira predicts the flexible packaging market will be worth $351 billion by the year 2018.

Flexible packaging benefits

Why are consumers and companies choosing flexible packaging options over traditional “rigid”packaging like boxes, bottles, and hard plastic containers? Here are just a few of the reasons flexible packaging is gaining in popularity:

  • Flexible packages use less shelf space. More flexible packages can fit into the same space as traditional packaging.
  • Flexible packages are more lightweight than traditional packaging.
  • Flexible packages can provide more convenient and less wasteful portions such as single-serving pouches or resealable packets.
  • Flexible packages are more sustainable. Many flexible packaging options use recycled materials and also fewer materials compared to traditional packaging.
  • Flexible packages make more eye-catching and innovative package designs possible — for example, the flexible wine bottle recently discussed on our blog, Package Talk.
  • Flexible packages are easier for manufacturers to label and decorate. This greater ease of labeling creates a greater variety of design options for companies to choose from. And they can implement design changes faster and more easily with flexible packages compared to traditional packaging.
  • Flexible packages provide consumers with a more tactile experience of the product. For example, Mona’s Granola recently redesigned its packaging with this element in mind.

Combined Technologies has the food processing and manufacturing capabilities to offer companies a number of flexible packaging options, including dry or liquid fill, flexible film, or quested zipper bags; pouches; and kit assembly and promotional packaging in temperature-controlled environments.

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